Believe it or not, “what is marketing” is a commonly asked question. Whether you are a business newbie or a marketing pro, I am confident you will come away from this article with a some gems of knowledge that will shed insight on promoting your brand or business.


The answer to this question, “what is marketing” comes in many shapes and sizes — I am going to avoid writing a thesis, and for all intents and purposes¬† keep this post short, sweet and to the knowledge base, which has shown to create results for me and my team of experts.


What is marketing? To keep it simple: It is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for selling that product or service.


Because the Internet has completely changed the way people communicate, it is also dramatically changing the face of marketing as a whole. The facet of marketing I choose to elaborate on herein will be Internet Marketing.


Note: Pre-marketing phase – If you are starting from scratch it is wise to properly research your industry, your competition and your customer. From there you will want to do some branding and set-up the most efficient platform to turn your product/service into dollars.



Different facets Internet Marketing include and are not limited to:


Email Marketing – By offering something of value on your website in exchange for an individuals email address — brands and business’s can start to create a database of contacts who have already expressed interest in their company. There are many ways to leverage this database, and many call an email database a company’s greatest asset.


Social Media Marketing – There are many benefits to implementing social media into you routine. It helps with branding and image, it can create trust and respect and most importantly it enables an ability to communicate your message where the masses are spending a great deal of time. Facebook alone is a leading referral to many company’s websites, bringing in 1000’s of visitors per month to contact pages and landing pages alike.


Content Marketing – Many Internet Marketers use the phrase, “content is king.” Content can take the form of videos, images, infographics, podcasts, articles etc. Every time a piece of content is published on the internet it is archived by search engines like Google and can be seen for years to come. Content Marketing is often used in conjunction with Social Media Marketing. With the right channels established in the right way and/or some brilliant content this can create a viral nature that spreads through the Internet like wildfire — creating a lot of exposure for your website.


 This article can easliy be way to long, so I have forced myself to reel it in and stop here. If you have questions, suggestions, or requests for additional knowledge on marketing we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment below and we will answer and post it for our community. And, as always, if you found this article useful please share it with your network.


Wishing you health and happiness,



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