Roswell Mud, Sweat & Tears

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Roswell, New Mexico Mudrace

Mud & Obstacle races have become the rage nationally and internationally so why not bring the phenomena to small-town Roswell, NM.  A mud race & obstacle race is one that brings a bit more challenge than your usual urban race.  Yes, you will still be running that 1.5 or 5k race but now you have the added challenge of climbing over haystacks, crawling through tires, sloshing in and out of mud pits and crawling in mud on your belly, military-style!  This type of race gives runners a great sense of accomplishment, challenge & overall fun.  Why these races are so popular is anybody’s guess but my guess is that people of all ages just love to have fun.  In this day & age when not only kids but kids at heart (adults) spend more time indoors sitting in front of a gadget be it a computer, laptop, cell phone or tv the point is we are indoors.  Being outdoors getting dirty, I mean real dirty and pushing yourself to a limit has a very satisfying effect on humans.  You feel connected to your natural self, the “you” outside of work, computers and the constraints of everyday life. 


20130928-07-30-00-IB4L6359So to that end the “Roswell Mud, Sweat & Tears” Mud & Obstacle Race was created.  This was Roswell’s first race of this kind.  Expectations were high, excitement and anticipation was rampant.  First time “mudders” and experienced runners eagerly waited for the day to begin. 


As the visionary race creator, event coordinator, jack of all trades Barbara Gomez was elated to have a creative team of people willing to help her tackle this first time race.  She soon found that the challenges of putting on this type of race are numerous from City permits, ordinances, water, electricity, construction, heavy equipment, etc. – bottom line if you are thinking of putting on one of these start early or just hire Plan-it Productions to do it for you


Our race was held on September 28, 2013 in an uncultivated, 20130929-01-08-10-IMG_0298naturally rugged area just west of the Noon-Optimist Park.  Runners had the option of running a 1.5 or a 5k and were given the option of running as an individual, team of 5 or as an Elite runner.  The overall race was not a timed event so you could go as fast or as slow as you wanted.  The only group who was given recognition via 1st, 2nd and 3rd place rankings were the Elite runners.  Elite Runners were required to run the complete 5k 20130929-00-20-48-IMG_0160race and interestingly enough we had 60+ Elite Runners. 


The course consisted of 16 obstacles plus just plain muddy areas.  Overall we had hoped to have at least 150 runners for this first race but where so overwhelmingly surprised to have over 450 runners!  Needless to say this will become an annual event promising bigger and better obstacles. So stay tuned to this website or our Facebook page for the upcoming “Are you tough enough for two?” race coming August 2014.